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Elevator Truth


He saw her walking down the hall, Sam. Her hair resting on her shoulders and he could’t help but stare as she came nearer.

She was holding a case file and he was quite surprised because they had just finished one only about an hour ago.

So i just finished the paperwork on the missing boy when i got news of a 32 year...

Jack drifted off and thought about their previous little affair as some referred to as, but he thought it meant much more to him because it was the only time in his life that he seemed to be happy. He wondered if she felt the same... or if she still has those feelings...buried deep inside of her. He wasn't quite sure why he ended it with her, but he also knew he wasn't thinking clearly at the time. As he saw her standing there his eyes focused around her form the one that he had held at one point, it made him melt just gazing at her.



Hmm what?

are you feeling okay because it almost seemed like you were checking me out... but thats crazy right?

Huh oh yeah of course i was just really deep into thought. thinking about you! he yelled out in his mind

Right well as i was saying, they just got a lead on the case and Van Doren thinks we should head over right away.You coming?

Sure thing, let me just grab my jacket and we can go.

He slipped on his jacket which had been resting on the back of his desk chair. He was so joyous to have gotten an excuse to leave because his desk was piled with paperwork that he kept putting off. Divorce paperwork that is, every time he picked it up it made him think of all the memories with his ex which mainly involved her yelling at him about spending to much time at work. He put that out of his mind as he jogged off to the elevator where she was waiting for him.

20 Minutes Later

The room was dark and jack was in the corner on the ground laying on his side twisted in a strange position.

He looked around frantically at the square area and realized he was in an elevator. He hadn't even left the FBI building!

uhh Sam? He said barely audible. ughhh He perched himself up on his arm trying to get a better view of his current situation, as soon as he did so pain surged through his whole body. He must have hit the walls pretty hard when the emergency breaks kicked in. Thats when he glanced over and saw Sam on the floor of the elevator only about arms length apart from him on the opposite side of this tight area.

Sam? he got no answer. He crawled over to her side and sat up bringing her into his arms.Sam? sweetheart please speak to me.he shook her arm gently. just say something that will let me know your ok. he thought to himself


Sam! i thought you were dead.

huh! what happened. she asked and turned her body slightly. ahhh!

Whats going on are you okay! His hand glided over her rib cage when he felt something sharp bump his hand. His mind was screaming when he saw her side bleeding, something must have jabbed her and got stuck when they were being thrown against the walls like rag dolls.